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We're prepearing good fish foods.

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"A Kaisen set A - Including '10 'Shiriuchi oysteres' with shelves" -- 1,400yen

"A Kaisen set B -Including 4 'Garo oysters', a surf clams and a scallops" -- 1,400yen

"A rice set -Including miso soup and pickles"  -- 250yen

"A seasonal rice set with miso soup - A seasonal rice includes any of an oyster, scallops, surf clams and an octopus. It depends on the season and is available on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays." -- 650yen

A set meal of fried chicken -- 700yen

A frid octopus -- 350yen

A fried chicken -- 350yen

French fried potatoes -- 280yen

A stick of flatfish -- 300yen

"5 fried oysteres - You can take out -- 600yen

"A set of fried pieces -including 3 oysters, 2 surf clams and a scallops -- 750yen

*5 fried scallops -- 750yen

A 'Garo oyster' -- 250yen

A Surf Clams -- 250yen

A Scallops -- 250yen

A whelk -- 350yen

An Akazora scallops -- 300yen

A clams steeped in sake -- 350yen

A white clam steeped in sake -- 350yen

*Fried oyster, fried surf clams and fried scallops can be changed to rice set with additional 200yen.

*List prices are non-taxed.





A big glass of beer 'Sapporo' or 'Asahi' -- 450yen

A half bottle of white wine -- 1,000yen

Japanese sake-- 600yen


Alcohol free

Coca cola -- 300yen

Oolong tea -- 300yen

Sprite -- 300yen

100% orange juice -- 300yen

Melon soda -- 300yen

Calpico -- 250yen

Calpico soda -- 250yen

*List prices are non-taxed. 


Postal code: 049-0161

Address: Inari 1-13-29, Hokuto City, Hokkaido

Open: 11:00~18:00 (L.O. 17:00) 

Closed: Monday

(If Monday is ferias, Tuesday will be closed

No smoking in all seats.


TEL (+81) 138-73-0700